financial uncertainty

Here’s the Trouble

There are only a few things that really irritate me. Whiners, Scotch tape on my office equipment, the water bottle vendor, and smarmy digital media ad buyers that try to steal my brand.

Some things I can control, and others I cannot.

I can avoid whiners and crybabies by simply refusing to watch them on TV – or be around them at the office.

I can keep employees from putting Scotch tape on their computer monitors and phones by asking them to use sticky notes instead.

But these slimy, digital media SEO thieves wear me out.

They take your brand name and attach some added letters to the search name to trick unwary web searchers into clicking on their link.

The poor consumer then ends up at or some other lead generation company that collects the name and sells it to some poor broker who needs a deal to feed his family that month.

I can refuse to have bottled water in my office. You know, the ones that have the big plastic 10-gallon bottle attached to it that nobody can lift? The water delivery vendors work on commission, so they always have eight spare bottles surrounding their dispenser like a bad obstacle course. And you pay for the dispenser and the water. Really?

More Uncertainty

These days there’s a lot of uncertainty in the financial markets; interest rates are creeping up, Obama Care may be abolished, the Russians have a war ship 100 miles off the Atlantic coast near Massachusetts, and the N. Koreans and Iranians think it’s the Fourth of July.

Janet Yellen (I’d love to play Texas Hold ‘Em with her since she can’t seem to hide her hand) has declared that the Fed will again raise interest rates. But yet Consumer Confidence was up last month in January.

On the Bright Side

This tells me that even though there’s a lot of uncertainty about many things the average consumer can’t control, there’s enough positive thinkers out there that are determined to take control, seize the day, and keep this economy moving forward.

So I say let’s stop whining and be proactive about the future.  Let’s control the things we can and stop worrying about the things we can’t control.

Tomorrow will turn out the way that today went.