America has a new President, Donald J. Trump.  Just like the Brexit vote last summer, the previously ignored working class has voiced their mandate for change for the direction our great Nation.

Donald J. Trump

By The White House – Public Domain

Whether you agree with his politics so far or not, you have to admire President Trump’s business approach to pushing through the mandate of the vote November 8.

It reminds me of President Franklin Roosevelt’s call to action to the CEOs of Corporate America in the early 1940s.

America at the time was totally unprepared for a world war. Britain was begging for assistance, and US isolationists who were against the war were having protest rallies all across the country.  

Roosevelt met with the CEOs of Goodyear, United Fruit Company, DuPont, and General Motors, to name a few.

He admonished them to shift gears and begin making preparations for the war effort. Guns, ammunition, tanks, aircraft, rubber, rations, and all manner of war logistics would be needed to save the United States.

The corporate leaders rallied around President Roosevelt when they realized that failure to do so would result in a new world order that would threaten our very democracy and liberty. In short, we would be speaking German and Japanese!  History always has a way of repeating itself.