Please listen to this interview with George Wells, a recent New South Mortgage reverse mortgage customer.




Interviewee: This morning we talked to Will Worthington from New South Mortgage. But yesterday, I got a chance to talk to one of his clients Arthur George Wells and here is what he had to say.

George: Well, back in 2014 when we heard about reverse mortgage, we wanted to find somebody local because we believe; working with local people is much better and you can sit and talk to them and look at them and do business.

We had a second mortgage because of some problems we had, so we thought well, we will never pay that off – not at our age.

We decided we will talk with Will and see what we can do with the reverse mortgage. As it turned out we were able to pay off the loan which gave us a lot of available capital, cash that is. It has been a real blessing.

We gave a lot of consideration toward the reverse mortgage would do for us. We put in factors that would impact our children. For example, we thought about what kind of cash it would make available for them.

And of course the important factor is the age. Our age meant that we had to do some things to make life a little bit better for our self; the house will be there, nobody is going to take it away from us, we will always own it.

I should add that the reverse mortgage plan is probably one of the best plans you could find.

Interviewee: Call New South Mortgage today, and find out what they can do for you with their numbers 532-3130 or go to nmls1018333.