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The Will Worthington mortgage team has been serving the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area since 1992 when he first appeared as a guest on the Gerry House show at WSIX.

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Formerly Worthington Mortgage and then Worthington Federal Bank, many of the staff joined Mr. Worthington when the bank was sold and New South Mortgage was organized in 2013. Today, as always, the Worthington Team offers consumer direct mortgage rates to the general public for VA, conventional, FHA, and HECM reverse mortgage loans. New South Mortgage uses LOCAL appraisers and closing attorneys to quickly expedite the mortgage loan process. They even offer a concierge closing service that will come to you, the consumer!

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“I have been listening to Will Worthington on the radio for many years. When I bought my first home in 1999, I called and had a great experience…easy. I sold that house in 2007 before the crash and bought a bigger house. I again called the Worthington Team and they handled my transaction…the process was so easy by phone and online. It definitely took the stress out of moving and worrying about the financing.”

“I got one of those sub-prime mortgages back in 2006…I didn’t know any better. The New South Mortgage team help me get out of it and refinance with the HARP program. I dropped down to a 15 yr fixed rate. Now my house is almost PAID FOR!!! THANKS NEW SOUTH Staff!”

“When I got divorced I needed to put the house mortgage in my name only and New South helped me get some cash out to pay off the ex-spouse and remove him from the loan. I even bettered my rate by 1% when I refinanced so my payment actually stayed the same….”

“We recently relocated to Huntsville, AL . We had to close on the Huntsville house before I could sell my Brentwood home and New South helped us handle the transaction seamlessly… Realtor told me she had never seen a closing package ready 4 days in advance!”

HECM Reverse Mortgage Customers

“My uncle called New South Mortgage and spoke to Will Worthington himself about a reverse mortgage. Will and his staff took the time to walk my Uncle through the process and get him the extra cash he needed to retire from the school system when he turned 62. They were all so polite and patient. What a blessing.”

“I live on Lookout Mountain near Mentone and there are no mortgage lenders anywhere around. We had paid off our house and property and had heard about the HECM Reverse Mortgage on television but I wanted somebody local and face to face to answer my questions. We wanted to set up an equity line to get some extra cash for a new barn. I heard Will Worthington on US 101 radio in Chattanooga talking about it. When we called, they sent someone out to our farm. They answered our questions and even helped us with a financial plan in case one of us died. We had to drive to Chattanooga to close but that was no big deal.”

“I thought when we did a Reverse Mortgage the government got our house. New South explained how that is not the case and that we kept the title to our house, and it went to our heirs when we passed away. I was shocked. When they explained the new line of credit feature to the program, we signed up for the counseling and got the ball rolling immediately. I called my aunt and told her about it and she is getting one, too.”

“My husband and I had been thinking about a reverse mortgage for 2 years and saw all the ads on TV. I had been trying to get one for 7 months through an online broker but he wasn’t getting anywhere. I called my daughter in Huntsville and she referred me to Will Worthington’s team at New South Mortgage. That was on Aug 8, 2015. We transferred my loan from the broker to New South Mortgage and they closed my reverse mortgage on Aug. 28th! It saved us over $1500 per month.”

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